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Hard Times Stables

Cowboy in the Countryside

Our Ranch

Raising Horses Since 1928

We are a four-generation horse family originating in Louisiana on a 9800-acre working plantation. Hard Times Plantation began as a working plantation known not only for its cotton, corn and sugar cane production, but for having some of the finest Missouri Fox Trotters in the country.


Our Story

Local Family Ranch

Mountain Center, California, is now home to the offspring of our Louisiana family, and while residing on a much smaller spread, continues to raise fine Fox Trotters.

We have a small herd of Fox Trotters consisting of approximately 15 to 20 brood mares, geldings, fillies and colts. The most important factor when selling off Hard Times stock is matching a horse with a horseman. If the personality of both horse and prospective owner is not clearly evident there will be no sale. This requirement of our Hard Times owners helps assure a win-win situation for everyone involved in a transaction.

Fell free to call, email or come up for a visit if you find one of our Fox Trotters of interest. All are certified, registered and current with all vaccinations and shots.

Bob Deville

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